Porter Yoshida Tanker Storage Cabinet

Tanker Storage Cabinet is a cover made from the fabric of the Tanker series and uses a tough steel frame created by bending and laser cutting. This product is made to order and is available for pre-order until it ships Mid-late March 2022. The cover of the cabinet is made of the elegant “TANKER IRON BLUE” 3-layer fabric. Various pockets and nylon tape in the details of the tanker are placed on both sides, and it can be used as a cabinet that can functionally store small items and accessories. The steel frame of the main body uses a tough one made by bending and laser cutting one frame. The top of the frame is equipped with a bar on which hangers can be hung. It comes with 4 wooden shelves and 4 plastic boxes, and you can freely change the arrangement according to the purpose and storage items. The plastic box is a special one commissioned by a company that manufactures boxes for carrying automobile parts and precision equipment, and uses materials that are resistant to moisture and strength. Since the mouth frame contains a frame, the box can be used without distortion. It is the perfect size for storing sneakers and folded clothes. The cabinet, which is made with attention to detail such as structure and design, is an item that you can feel the spirit of Yoshida Kaban’s manufacturing.

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