Vestaboard Smart Messaging Display

Inspire others, display lists, menus, quotes, patterns and more with the Vestaboard, a split-flap smart messaging display that uses 132 bits. Each bit has 64 matte-printed characters including the alphabet, numbers, punctuation and colors. Vestaboard makes a pleasing sound when the characters are spinning. Control it with the Vestaboard app, integrations, your computer and more. Internet connection required. Features of the Vestaboard include:
  • Control the board from your smartphone or computer.
  • Features 8,448 beautifully printed spinning split flaps.
  • Flaps make a pleasing sound when the board is changing your messages.
  • Share messages at home, from menus to personal messages to to-do lists.
  • Express your creativity with the Vestaboard’s visual editor.
  • Create a shared messaging experience that grabs attention and enhances any space.
  • Use it to view your calendar.
  • Share inspirational messages with your work team or customers.
  • Share inspirational quotes and messages when your family is home and you’re traveling.
  • Use your phone or computer to set automated updates. Compatible with iOS, Android and the web.
  • You can allow access to the board to family members and colleagues.
  • Ability to control multiple Vestaboards in multiple locations.
  • Great alternative to digital screens.
  • Internet connection required.
  • Black aluminum enclosure.
  • Powered by 19.7″ power cable to support concealed wall-mount installations.
  • Measures 22h x 41.2w x 3.2

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